Minerals And Materials

Minerals and Materials is one of the sections under the department of Product Development, It specializes in identifying different ceramic raw material sources, collecting samples, processes and characterize s these raw materials to formulate and test different bodies that are suitable for the production of ceramic products. 

It is well equipped with ceramic material laboratory and a pilot plant for development of ceramic products to commercial scale.


Departmental Strategic Goals
  • Identification of raw material sites with in and outside Uganda
  • Characterization and analysis of different materials from different sites
  • Body formulations and prototype testing
  • Glaze Development and testing
  • Technical and Advisory services to the community
  • Technology transfer
  • Research and Development
  • Laboratory upgrading



Departmental strategic Objectives
  • To develop high quality white bodies
  • To produce high quality glaze that match with different bodies and customer tastes
  • To produce high quality ceramic products
  • To run modularized demand driven training programmes
  • To improve technical competency of small scale entrepreneurs, strengthening entrepreneurship skills, innovation and management
  • To transfer bone china technology
  • To develop appropriate process for production of industrial ceramics products and new technologies
  • Laboratory upgrading



Services offered include
  • Processing of raw materials
  • Firing ceramic pieces
  • Glazing and body formulating
  • Basic ceramic training and advisory services



Ongoing activities include
  • Research, processing and documentation of body formulations, glaze and its formulations,
  • Slip casting
  • Model and mould making
  • Smoothening and finishing ceramic products
  • Lab equipment is being used in testing hardness, strength and fracture of metal



Planned Activities
  • Earthen ware and porcelain
  • Bone China technology
  • Sanitary ware production
  • Tile making
  • Developing Different Glazes
  • Making of refractory bricks



External Collaboration

Ceramics team is working in collaboration with Local Potteries, Faculty of Technology, Margaret Trowel School of Industrial Art-Makerere, Department of Industrial Ceramics- Kyambogo, SIRIM-Malaysia, Industrial Research Institute of Thailand among others.