Production Systems

This division carries further the work of Product Development division by scaling up and assuring the successful operation of pilot plants such that their level of production is commercially viable. They create functional models based on which real industries are built. This division is also involved in the establishment of modern packaging systems and runs a business incubation program.

The division has five sections that are involved in meat processing, bakery, milk processing, fruits and vegetable processing, and bamboo processing.

The division offers training, internship, and incubation services to students, researchers, and small and medium enterprises. The services offered under business incubation include; production facilities (including premises and equipment), technical support and product development. These services enable the firms to build their production capacity, product quality, marketing and packaging capacity thereby facilitating their market access and increasing their market share.

Other Services offered by the Directorate

  • Designing production facilities, advice in selection of suitable production equipment and tools and provide supervision during installation.
  • Conducting applied research programmes relevant to the needs of the SMEs resulting into production benefits like value addition, cost reduction, quality up-grading, and process development.
  • Upgrading and developing processing technologies that promote the production of high quality food products.
  • Providing technical advice as well as consultancy services to start-ups in the food and bamboo industries and those already in business

UIRI Meat Technology Section

UIRI’s Meat Technology Section was established in 1997 with grant from the Chinese Government, the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, CIM/GTZ of Germany and the Government of Uganda. Operating under UIRI’s production systems (PS) directorate, the section heads the development of value added meat products and this is done through training, R&D and provision of technical advisory support services to the meat industry in Uganda.

The Section’s mission is to improve the capacity and competence of indigenous meat processing enterprises by advising and training them value addition techniques in order to produce high quality marketable meat products.

Ongoing projects in Meat Technology Section

  • Product development of vegetable and fish sausages
  • Business incubation of meat processing entrepreneurs at UIRI meat pilot plant.
  • Value addition of meat in rural areas by establishing meat partner centers in the areas of Busia, Arua , and Soroti.


The Bakery Technology Section was established in 1997 together with three other departments making up UIRIs Food Processing Division.

The section’s purpose is to steer and conduct applied industrial research into the bakery industry and also address the needs of the local bakery industry specifically the micro and medium scale enterprises by generating appropriate bakery processing technologies.

Planned activities for 2011-2012

  • Equipping the Bakery Pilot Plant with new equipment.
  • Carrying out Research and Development resulting on how to best utilize available agricultural raw material especially stem & root tubers.
  • Training more micro and medium scale entrepreneurs (MSMEs) about the bakery industry.
  • Continued assistance to the existing incubatees by supervising their activities and training them in product and market strategy development.

UIRI Dairy Technology Section

UIRI’S dairy technology section was set up in 1997 with the major objective of being the conduit for conducting applied industrial research resulting to the development of appropriate dairy processing technologies.

The sections mission is to promote the development of a successful dairy processing industry through research, training, technical assistance and technology transfer to micro and small scale dairy processing enterprises (SMEs).

The Dairy section has progressively met its objectives of reducing production wastage, improved quality, stabilised safety through value addition and product diversification of Uganda’s dairy industry and this has increased competitiveness in both local and international markets of SMEs.

The section is accessible to micro and medium scale dairy processors, trainees and entrepreneur enabling them to gain from the staff know- how and the skills transferred from the use of its facilities.

Ongoing projects

  • Commercialization production of UIRIs Yoghurt and ice cream
  • In-house incubation program
  • Training and skills upgrading for SMEs



The fruits and vegetables Section is key in helping UIRI fulfill its mandate of value addition-to-local agro processed products.

Ongoing projects

  • Value addition: This involves processing fruits and vegetables to make a number of products. The products so far made include juices, jams, sauces, pickles, nectars, wine, starch, dried fruit & Vegetable.
  • Product development: Research is conducted formulate of new products from fruits & vegetables.
  • Training: Students, researchers and Prospective entrepreneurs are trained in various aspects of fruits and vegetable processing. These include processing and preservation, quality management, product development and agro processing business management.
  • Business incubation: Various business entrepreneurs receive technical assistance in form of training, technology transfer (equipment) and facilities provision.



UIRI’s Business Incubation programme is a sustainable model for incubating processing companies mostly in but not limited to agricultural products. UIRIs vision is to be a model institution and a centre of excellence for incubation of industry. As the Directorate is still working on the appropriate model, incubation is growing and taking its place at the institute.

Interested parties apply through the Executive Director, indicating their interests.